Common Products Used In Shelters And Why


bleachRegular household bleach (like Clorox) is one of the most effective disinfectants on the market. It’s more reliable than many anti-parvocidal agents sold and marketed toward the animal welfare industry. Many times it has been suggested to us that we shift from the use of bleach to a less caustic disinfectant for the sake of the animals. However, if we stop using bleach, we will be required to use a commercial parvocide instead. Parvocides tend to be less reliable and not significantly less harsh than bleach, which rapidly breaks down to its inert components in the environment. Yet at 1:32 dilution, with ten minute contact time, bleach will kill parvovirus on non-porous surfaces. At 1:10 dilution, with ten minute contact time, it will kill ringworm spores.

CLEANING and DISINFECTING are two separate steps. First, detergents must be used to remove all organic material. Bleach has no detergent properties. Also, contrary to a much-circulated myth, bleach is ineffective on parvovirus in an outdoor environment. As previously stated, bleach must have a ten minute wet contact time with the virus. Yet organic material renders it inert. If you spray bleach on your yard in hopes of killing parvovirus in the soil, forget it. Bleach starts to degrade and lose effectiveness almost immediately, before it can act on viruses hiding in the ground.


DawnDawn is vet-recommended for the bathing of nearly all animal species. It is not gentle-it strips the natural oils from the coat and can be very drying to the skin with repeated use–but it’s the detergent of choice for dirty or flea-infested dogs and cats. Dawn contains none of the phosphates that are found in laundry detergent and some household cleaning products, which even with brief exposure can cause fatal liver damage. (Never, EVER bathe an animal in laundry detergent. The exposure to high phosphate levels can and very well may kill your pet.) Contrary to popular myth, Dawn is not a parasitic and does not kill fleas like a pesticide. But it does have an effect. The detergent in Dawn affects fleas by removing protective waxes on their exoskeleton. This dessicates the flea, damages it, and allows the flea to be rinsed away in a strong stream of water.

Because of its environmental and biological safety, we use Dawn for much more than just bathing dogs. It’s the cleaner of choice for the entire kennel. We wash crates, floors, walls, and equipment with Dawn. Any remaining residue is safe for the animals.




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