Dogs And Actors

If we filmed a movie starring real celebrities playing the roles of our dogs, who would we cast? Based on personality, attitude, and general appearance, we came up with some hilarious suggestions.

Not all of the dogs in this portfolio are available for adoption. Some are ARC alumni who’ve already been adopted or sent to rescue, and some are personal pets. Please see our Adoptable Dogs page to browse through our available animals. This collection of pictures is just for fun. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Sugar and Katherine Heigl

FOR ADOPTION--SPECIAL NEEDS. Sugar has one of the most beautiful faces of any dog we've ever seen. Gorgeous blonde hair, dark brown eyes a person could drown in, just like Katherine Heigl. But like so many of our other littles, Sugar is special needs. She is a biter and will aggress toward people she doesn't know. With her people, she's a complete lovebug. But if someone news comes through the door, they'd better be wearing snakebite boots up to their chin.

Smoki Jo and Dakota Fanning

No other actress in the world could play the role of Smoki Jo but Dakota Fanning. Smoki has suffered a series of medical issues and is currently not available for adoption. She will be fine when she grows out of her "lemon phase," hopefully with no lingering issues.

Silka and Isla Fisher

FOR ADOPTION--SPECIAL NEEDS. Silka is very much a lady, but can be saucy and comical just like the roles Isla Fisher plays so well. Silka went through a depression after the sudden death of her owner, but she's coming out of it now. She's bonded with her furbrother Mojo and they have to be adopted together. Both Silka and Mojo would do best in a home with no children, but they are GREAT with cats.

Sergio and Anthony Anderson

FOR ADOPTION THROUGH SECOND CITY CANINE RESCUE, ROSELLE IL. Sergio has the same range as Anthony Anderson. He can be silly and hilarious one minute, utterly inappropriate the next. Sometimes he fancies himself a gangsta. But he's not very good at it. The comical side tends to win out, and he'll roll right over if you offer him a belly rub. Sergio has no known issues, but is a little rough around the edges from lack of socialization as a pup.

Rosco and Vin Diesel

FOR ADOPTION--MAYBE. Rosco isn't exactly a special needs case, but we will be very careful with his adoption. He is extremely tenderhearted and gets his feelings hurt unbelievably easy. The perfect home for him would include intense, one on one bonding with his human and the ability to participate in the minutiae details of his person's life. He won't be able to tolerate loud noises, lots of activity, conflict between people or other animals. And he will destroy every screen in your house by leaping through them.

Romeo and Paul Rudd

IN HIS FUREVER HOME! Romeo, Romeo--whereforart thou, Romeo? This dog is Paul Rudd with fur. Undeniably handsome in a guy-next-door sort of way, Romeo has a gentle nature that puts people at ease. At the same time, he's all boy and is not afraid of a little rough-and-tumble. Romeo has no known issues, but he's just a little rough around the edges from lack of socialization as a pup.

Piper and Lil Mama

FOR ADOPTION! Okay. Here we have Miss Attitude. Miss Sassy Britches. Miss Thang. We have Lil Mama in canine form. LOL Piper is extremely sweet and loving with people, highly trainable, and very attentive. She can be a bit of a bully with submissive dogs, though. Piper blew her chance at one forever home by bullying the other family dog. Piper doesn't attack or try to actually hurt other dogs. She just intimidates them and makes them unhappy--unless they put her in her place. Then she's fine. She's good for a family with both kids and cats.

Paige and Ann Hathaway

Paige is the Director's Velcro dog. They are inseparable. Not for adoption under any circumstances. LOL

Mojo and Peter Dinklage

FOR ADOPTION--SPECIAL NEEDS. Peter Dinklage is a small package of profound talent, capable of holding his own with any size crowd. Yet he also seems to be genuinely sweet and sensitive. Mojo is all of these things as well, a little dog with a huge personality. Mojo is for adoption, but he is part of a bonded pair. Mojo and Silka need to be adopted together.

Midnight and Robert Downey, Jr.

Midnight has the same sweet, boyish charm as Robert Downey, Jr., but thank God and Greyhound Midnight does not have the same penchant for getting himself into trouble. Midnight is the perfect dog. But alas--he is not for adoption. He stole our hearts and is now a member of the Director's personal pack.

Marty and David Spade

FOR ADOPTION--SPECIAL NEEDS. Marty is a hoot. David Spade could nail Marty's personality to the wall. Not sure if it would even be acting, or just David Spade being David Spade and coming off just like Marty. Marty is special needs. But his situation is medical, not behavioral. Marty tested heartworm positive at eighteen months old and has been on slow kill treatment for almost a year. He is for adoption, and will do well in a home with no small children and a human who is utterly devoted to him.

Lotti and Salma Hayek

FOR ADOPTION--SPECIAL NEEDS. Lottie is beautiful just like Salma Hayek and has the same gracious poise. Lottie will be for adoption, but right now she is completely unsocialized and frightened. We are working with her every day to overcome this. But the beauty of her personality is starting to shine through, and her charm is as distinctive as Salma's.

Ketsia and Rutina Wesley

Ketsia is the Director's dog, not for adoption. But who would want a vampire dog anyway? LOL

Kay and Mo Nique

IN HER FUREVER HOME! Kay can definitely make a person laugh, but make no mistake--she's a tough lady and when she speaks, she expects people to listen. Like Mo 'Nique, Kay is playful and sassy, but if the going ever got tough, Kay could handle herself. Kay is good with cats, kids, and most other dogs.

Jaxx and Drake

FOR ADOPTION! Jaxx is an incredibly attractive, tough-but-tender dog with the same soulful charisma as Drake. Jaxx also has as many dimensions to his personality as Drake has proven capable of demonstrating onscreen. He can be sweet and vulnerable, but he can also be intimidating in the right circumstance. Jaxx is for adoption. He is not special needs, but the screening process for his potential adopters will be a bit more stringent than for most other dogs. He has no behavioral issues whatsoever at this time, but could quickly develop them with mishandling.

Hollywood and Sean Connery

Hollywood has owned the Director of Tazewell ARC for fifteen years. Not for adoption, but eat your hearts out, ladies!

Harvey and Seth Rogen

FOR ADOPTION! Harvey is just as hilarious and affable as Seth Rogen. Neither of these boys is stereotypical leading man material, but just like Rogen in the movie Knocked Up, Harvey can be a heart-stealer who makes the ladies swoon. Harvey is good with everybody, no known issues.

Gillespie and Michael C. Hall

FOR ADOPTION! Let's get this straight: we think Michael C. Hall would play an excellent Gillespie, and not because of his 8-season-Showtime character named Dexter! Gillespie is no serial killer and neither is Michael C. Hall. Hall is an accomplished actor with a tremendous range, with an innate sweetness about his screen and stage personality that Gillespie calls to mind. Gillespie is a perfect little gentleman, ideal for a home with cats, kids, bunnies. . .you name it and Gillespie gets along with it. He can be part of every single play group that exists here at ARC. No personality conflicts with anyone, yet he can hold his own in an argument. We will be very choosy about Gillespie's forever home, though, because he has been with us since he was a very small puppy. He had some health issues and some adjustment issues as a youngster, and while he's perfectly fine now in every way, a change to a new home will no doubt be traumatic for him. He'll adjust, but his new family will have to give him lots of love and time to settle in.

Gabe and John Cena

Gabe is a special needs dog who has permanent sanctuary at ARC. He is not aggressive, but has certain personality traits that, with improper handling, could be provoked with profoundly disastrous results. He abhors any action, gesture or sound that he interprets as violence and reacts to it with physical force. We have no way to know what he saw or experienced prior to the life he has with us. He is safe here, and very, very happy. He currently holds a paid position (currency in dog treats) as Kennel Manager.

Ferris and Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken, hands down, no question about it. If you haven't met Ferris. . .well, you're just going to have to trust us on this one. LOL Ferris is an extreme special needs case and adoption for him is unlikely. He has permanent sanctuary here at ARC.

Domino and Jared Leto

IN HIS FUREVER HOME! Domino is edgy and eccentric, just like Jared Leto. I don't know if Jared has a sweet side, but Domino certainly does. He can look at you with the same intense gaze that Jared is so famous for. Domino is special needs because of an old injury to his rear limbs that makes him a bit more frail than most, but he has no known behavior issues.

Cocoa and Sophie Turner

FOR ADOPTION! This is Coco. She's young and playful, yet very gracious and ladylike. Reminds me of Miss Sophie Turner. We would definitely cast Sophie to play Coco in our imaginary movie. Coco is very much for adoption and has no known issues. She must be a full-time house dog.

Chloe and Winona Ryder

FOR ADOPTION! Chloe has an idiosyncratic personality and is very high strung, two traits Winona Ryder can play to the hilt. Chloe is for adoption, but she is an extreme special needs case and has permanent sanctuary here at ARC if the right family doesn't come along. Chloe is crippled by anxiety, to the point she becomes hysterical under stress. Not for a home with small children, activity, noise, or other dogs. She CAN get along with other dogs--here she has to--but we limit her exposure to the few she's able to tolerate. Chloe must be inside 24/7. The outdoors terrify her. She's pad trained, so no worries about mess. But sleeping in the bed with her human is not good enough. She must sleep smashed up against her human, her head on the pillow. The suggestion of any other sleeping arrangement creates a meltdown of epic proportions. It would take a very special, very patient individual to provide her the specialized emotional care she needs.

Cesar and Jay Hernandez

FOR ADOPTION! Sweet, sweet handsome Cesar! (Pronounced Chay-zar.) We think Jay Hernandez would do a heck of a job playing his character in a movie. Cesar came to us nearly bald from mange, but after a full round of veterinary treatment, he now has a slick, glossy coat, a spark in his eye, and can get his flirt on with anybody! Cesar is a bouncy, playful, extremely friendly dog ideal for a house with cats and kids. He has no apparent issues, other than needing his forever home very badly.

Abercrombie and Ian Somerholder

Neither Abers nor Ian is available for adoption. Sorry, ladies. Just enjoy the smolder. 😉

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