The Problem With Cheap Dog (Or Cat) Food

So let’s talk about poop.

More precisely, let’s talk about the dog food that eventually becomes the poop.We feed Pedigree Adult, between 30 and 40 pounds a day, depending on how many dogs we have on premises at the time. Pedigree is vet-recommended because it contains the highest quality ingredients in its price bracket. At Tractor Supply, a 50 pound bag costs less than $25.

We accept almost any brands as donations, though, because we really do need the help. It’s common knowledge that suddenly switching a dog’s food can lead to major tummy upset, so we mix other brands no more than half and half with the Pedigree, and most of the time, the dogs tolerate it well. Some dogs, not so much. Inferior ingredients and dyes can wreak havoc on their gut even in small quantities.

Dogs are most motivated by smell, not by taste and certainly not by sight. So don’t be fooled by gimmicky colors and shapes. And remember, we at Tazewell ARC will accept any brand of dog or cat food, but we do prefer Pedigree. It saves us money in the long run because of the very real health benefits it provides, plus we end up feeding less of it because of the denser nutrition. We have fewer bouts with diarrhea when we feed Pedigree, and end up using a whole lot more paper towels and cleaning products when dogs are pooping rainbow colored custard than when they poop good old solid brown turds.

problem with cheap dog food


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