Miss Daisy–Ready for a Forever Home

DESPERATELY SEEKING a compassionate human who will see to my health needs and make sure I know I’m the most special girl in the world.

This dog is adoptable. All animals listed as “adoptable” by TARC have completed fourteen days of intake quarantine and either have been or will be at the time of adoption fully vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, and microchipped. They have been carefully monitored for behavioral issues and deemed extremely low risk for average households. We never recommend placing dogs in homes with small children unless the parents are experienced pet owners and understand the added complications. If you’re interested in adopting one of our dogs posted here, please fill out our adoption application and mention that you saw the dog on our Steemit blog. Long-distance adoptions are possible, but we will need to work with a humane organization in your area to facilitate it, and cost of transport will be the adopter’s responsibility.

Hi! My name is Miss Daisy. I’m a poodle, most likely purebred. I’m twelve years old and weigh less than ten pounds. I’ve led a grueling life, passed from owner to owner and sometimes living in wretched conditions. My skin and hair show the effects of this, and may never fully recover.

The rescue lady saved me from being dumped out in the snow by a property manager when my owner was hospitalized. You can read the story HERE. Here are photos of me when she first brought me home.

I had to wear sweaters, especially after the vet shaved the mats of hair from my skin.

I still have health issues. My vision is marginal at best, which isn’t helped by the cataract in my right eye. I need dental services terribly, and probably several extractions. Most urgent are the mammary tumors growing on my belly. I need sponsorship quite desperately to have these conditions treated. I still have many happy years left ahead of me if funds can be raised for my medical care.

If you are my perfect hooman, please contact TARC and let them know you’re interested in me. I will wait patiently to hear from you!


Please consider donating to Tazewell ARC to help them take care of me!

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