What About Cats?

We very much wish we could accept cats. But we simply can’t at this time.


As horrific as the dog problem is in our area, the cat problem is ten times worse. It’s an issue we simply don’t have the resources to tackle. Many steps could be taken in Tazewell County to reduce the feral cat population, but it’s going to take a major push from the community to convince our local leaders that it should be a priority. TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programs have been quite successful in other areas of the country. However, they must be implemented and maintained properly, and that takes a village.

Our first year in rescue, we accepted cats. We were quickly overwhelmed. Now, two years later, we still have sixteen cats from that misadventure who we were never able to place. We lost litter after litter to feline distemper that first year, and we now know what strict quarantine protocols must be in place to prevent a reoccurrence. We are not set up for that at this time.

We provide excellent care and stimulation for the fourteen cats who never found homes or rescue. We have a large dedicated cat room with a pet door that leads to a delightfully creepy tunnel (at least in a cat’s way of thinking) to the outside. It opens into a fully enclosed cattery that we hope to expand soon. They come and go as they please. We have plans drawn up for a seriously fun jungle gym and cat trapeze. Twelve of our fourteen cats are for adoption. But if that never happens, take our word for it–they are living the high life.

Please see our Adoptable Cats page for a look at our furry felines.

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