Why Do You Hate Breeders So Badly?

Why do we hate breeders—in particular the backyard type?

In a word:

landfill dogs

If that isn’t explanation enough, then let us see if we can make it any clearer. The picture that just made you cringe? That is what happens every day at our local landfill and landfills across the nation when the ratio of supply and demand tips past a certain setpoint. Take a good, hard look. If you are breeding new puppies into a world that does THIS to them once they’re not wanted anymore, don’t you dare avert your eyes. You lost the right to shield yourself from this atrocity the moment you bred the puppies who took the homes THESE dogs could have had.

Tazewell ARC will not be pulling any punches when it comes to breeder operations—ever. We will always own up to the deep antipathy we hold toward anyone who allows dogs or cats to reproduce in this local kill climate and then—worse!—attempts to make a buck off them. For every litter of six puppies a person sells or gives away, that’s six shelter dogs who die because they were displaced by someone’s irresponsibility and greed. We will never be okay with that. Never.

Are we against all breeders, period? Don’t be ridiculous. Without breeders, there would be no breeds. But we guarantee that a true breeder, a legitimate pedigree breeder, would probably agree with us on all points we make about this. Backyard breeders cut into their profits and contaminate the AKC registries with junk genetics, matings that never should have occurred, bloodlines that do not benefit the breed in any way.

What’s the difference between a backyard (profit-motive) breeder and a legitimate breeder? Let’s just define “legitimate breeder,” and it will be safe to assume that all others who do not fall within those parameters are “backyard breeders” or worse.

A legitimate breeder has researched the bloodlines and genetic profile of all his or her breeding stock and has made sire and dam matches accordingly. A legitimate breeder produces no more than one litter a year from any bitch. A legitimate breeder vets, vaccinates, and microchips all puppies before sale and requires their sterilization by the new owners so as to protect the bloodline. A legitimate breeder will contribute only to the improvement of the breed, not to the number of unsterilized animals flowing into the already oversaturated market.

In case you need more clarity, we’ve put together a flow chart for you.

Am I A Backyard Breeder

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