Ziggy — Ready for a Forever Home

DESPERATELY SEEKING a hiker, biker, or really active kid who loves to play and has a Tom Sawyer sense of adventure!

This dog is adoptable. All animals listed as “adoptable” by TARC have completed fourteen days of intake quarantine and either have been or will be at the time of adoption fully vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, and microchipped. They have been carefully monitored for behavioral issues and deemed extremely low risk for average households. We never recommend placing dogs in homes with small children unless the parents are experienced pet owners and understand the added complications. If you’re interested in adopting one of our dogs posted here, please fill out our adoption application and mention that you saw the dog on our Steemit blog. Long-distance adoptions are possible, but we will need to work with a humane organization in your area to facilitate it, and cost of transport will be the adopter’s responsibility.

Hi! My name is Ziggy. I’m a mix of who-knows-what with a mischievous personality and energy that just doesn’t stop. I’m five months old in these pictures, and will probably end up weighing at least forty pounds. Probably more.

I was dumped out of someone’s car in the same general area as several of the dogs currently in rescue, but I’m not related to them. We’re all friends, though, and I get along with other dogs just fine. I have a strong prey drive, though, which could be really good or really bad, depending. It will make me an excellent candidate for training and I’d make a heck of an agility dog. But it also means I probably shouldn’t be around kitties or bunnies or small livestock. I like the rescue’s goat waaaay too much. She smells really yummy.

As you can see in my video, I’m ready to dive head first into the water, climb mountains, take my hooman for a run–I love to play! Love to explore! But I’m really sweet, too. I can be very affectionate and a real cuddle bug. I’m the pal someone has been looking for all their life! I just know I am. All we have to do is find each other.

If you are my perfect hooman, please contact TARC and let them know you’re interested in me. I will wait patiently to hear from you!

Please consider donating to Tazewell ARC to help them take care of me!

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